A Variety of Lenses in Lincoln, Lincolnshire

We are proud to supply Essilor lenses. The quality of the glazing and optics are second to none. The S series probably the best varifocal lens on the market.

Avoiding the restrictions of varifocals 

Most varifocals come with limitations – for example, you might experience a “swim” effect and a narrower field of vision.

Varilux S Series lenses are the only varifocals to eliminate these constraints, giving you ultimate vision with no compromise. 

The Coatings are also superior:


Most people find that anti-reflection spectacle lenses offer benefits that, once they have experienced them, they won’t want to live without. Crizal UV lenses give the clearest vision in the toughest lens coating. Anti-reflection lenses don’t just stop your eyes being hidden behind unsightly reflections, they also put a stop to the glare from oncoming headlights that can make night driving so stressful. 

If you work in an office, you can find reflections from ambient lighting and your computer visually tiring, leaving you red-eyed by the end of the day. Crizal UV lenses banish these annoying reflections and are so slippery that everyday dust and dirt, as well as fingerprints and smudges, can’t get a grip on them, meaning they stay cleaner for longer. When you clean your spectacles too, they don’t create the static that attracts dust. Crizal Prevencia is Essilor’s latest innovation that selectively filters light for improved eye health protection. The latest Crizal innovation selectively filters blue-violet light and lets essential visible light pass through. Best of all, Crizal UV lenses are so tough that we give a free, two-year, no-quibble guarantee against scratches. Not all the benefits are visible. Crizal UV lenses also filter out 100% of UV rays, so they’re the healthy option too.