Sun Protection for all ages

With the sun finally out it’s time to make sure you have

your sunglasses at the ready. As well as provided comfort from the glare of the
sun’s reflection, sunglasses also provide protection from harmful UV rays that
can cause damage to our eyes leading to numerous problem. Children are
especially at risk of this as their eyes are still growing and developing. We
have a range of sunglasses specifically for children. These can be fitted with
tinted prescription lenses that comply with European standards for safety.

We also have a new range of brightly coloured sunglasses

inspired by the 90s. Perfect for sipping an equally brightly coloured cocktail
by the pool or just at home dipping your feet in a paddling pool!

For those of you who don’t want to wear sunglasses to look
at their sunglasses we have a wide range of more traditional black and brown
frames in all different sizes and shapes to suit all face shapes. 

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